Programs and Resources

Learn how to create meal plans based on your health and budget needs, season your meals without salt, understand food labels, and make smart choices in the supermarket.                                                            

A virtual, 5-week program where individuals or teams of two or more using five simple steps to improve overall health with challenges that encourage you to: Eat, Sleep, Think, Move, Drink.

 “Fuel for the Future”

Diabetes Management Programs

UA now offers three options to help you reach your health goals.  Whether you would like to reverse diabetes, better manage your diabetes medication, or manage hypertension there is a fully covered choice for you.  The following disease management programs are only available to eligible employees and dependent(s) who are enrolled in a UA health plan (PPO or HDHP). All disease management programs are voluntary, but do require a diagnosis of one of the chronic medical conditions outlined below. 

Virta Health

Virta, a diabetes reversal program, helps you achieve better results by understanding your personal carbohydrate tolerance and changing your diet so you burn fat for energy. Virta also offers a prediabetes reversal option for employees who are looking to prevent the progression of type 2 diabetes and lower A1c to healthy levels. Learn how Virta Health flips some of summer’s favorite recipes to make them healthier for people living with diabetes concerns. Get your free guide.

Summer Swaps Recipes Booklet


A new voluntary digital health program provided by Lark Health, at no additional cost to you. Lark is an independent company that will help our members prevent or manage chronic conditions such as hypertension, prediabetes and diabetes. The Lark program kicked off in January 2023. You may have received communications from Lark with information on how to get started. Participants in Lark will receive a free wireless scale, a wireless blood sugar meter (for the Diabetes Management Program) and/or a blood pressure monitor (for the Hypertension/Blood Pressure Program). The devices are integrated with the Lark app and allow you to receive personalized coaching based on readings from your device and your current state of health, as well as coaching to help manage daily stress, sleep, nutrition and physical activity. Learn more about Lark Health by visiting and enroll in the voluntary digital health program online visiting


Livongo helps you achieve better results by teaching you how to use your diabetes medication more effectively with on-demand health coaching by a Certified Diabetes Educator and unlimited testing supplies.