However you like to get active, make it count.

 UA Wellness and Work-Life’s partnership with MoveSpring delivers a fitness challenge platform designed to motivate us toward our health goals and have fun along the way. Participate through the free app or on your desktop, with or without a fitness tracker. 


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How do I get WellBAMA program credit for MoveSpring?

      1. Participate in any physical activity challenge. Challenges focused on steps or physical activity count toward your program credit, but those focused on other aspects of health, such as mindfulness or nutrition, are purely for your wellness. You will be automatically added to most challenges. You can also create your own MoveSpring challenge for program credit, but it must be at least 21 days long, and you must average at least 8,000 steps per day. Find more info under the “Create your own challenge” section below. 
      2. Average 8,000 steps per day for the duration of the challenge. You don’t have to get 8,000 every day – just make sure your average is high enough through the course of the challenge, whether it’s a 10-day challenge, 14-day, or more. If you don’t make the average, just try again next month!
      3. Sync your steps! In order for you to get credit, you have to open the app regularly to sync your steps. The app does pull in past data, and there is a 3-day grace period after each challenge to sync.

Check back next month for our 2024 Spring Challenges!

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Create your own challenges for coworkers and friends:

Start your own challenge anytime in the app. You can choose an activity challenge or try the Daily Habit mode and focus on other aspects of health. With this challenge, you can choose from goals related to sleep, meditation, nutrition, and more, or you can create your own! Challenge your friends to practice 3 minutes of deep breathing before a meeting, or to go caffeine-free after lunch. Your imagination is your only limit!

1. Tap the Join/Create button and then tap Create

2. Choose your challenge mode: Leaderboard, Daily Habit, Virtual Race, Streak, or Target

3. Decide how long the challenge will last and when it will start, then invite your friends!

 Visit MoveSpring’s help page for more detailed instructions.

You may receive WellBAMA program credit towards your WellBAMA Rewards for completing your self-created MoveSpring challenge. Here’s how:

1. Create a challenge within the MoveSpring app for a minimum of 21 days.  

2. Achieve an average of 8,000 steps per day for the duration of your challenge.

3. Submit the Self-created MoveSpring challenge approval form after your challenge has ended. Wellness  and Work-Life will review your challenge results and notify you if the challenge is approved for WellBAMA program credit.

Submit Your Self-created Challenge Here

New Features in the App

Activity Converter

Now you can convert other types of activity to steps, right in the app! This allows users who engage in common activities like cycling, yoga, Pilates, etc. to remain competitive in step-based challenges and get credit for their exercise. It’s also inclusive for users whose activity wasn’t tracked by the app or who do not have a tracking device. 

Manual Activity Entry

This is an old feature that has been redesigned to better serve more users. Instead of the “Manual Entry” device option, users can manually enter activity while keeping their current device connected, though it can also be used without a connected device. Forgot to turn on your workout mode before going for a run? Left your device at home? Don’t have a fitness tracker? Just log your activity directly in the app – it’s that easy! 


Check out the Movespring Help Center, MoveSpring how-to videos, or contact their support team via the blue dot on the bottom right of their website, or in the MoveSpring app via your profile. You can also email MoveSpring Support directly at:

Don’t have a fitness device or smartphone? Don’t sweat it! You can enter your activity into MoveSpring manually or use any of the fit trackers below:



Have Questions?


What Information will be shared if I sync my wearable device to the UA System MoveSpring Program?

When you consent to the program only your exercise activity will be shared. All personal information (height, weight, GPS location) will not be shared with UA System from MoveSpring. That information is confidential within your MoveSpring consent.

  • Some of the dashboard features and individual group leaderboards are designed to let participants connect with coworkers and compare data with each other. This data includes a participant’s name, steps, active minutes, distance, as well as a link to the participant’s profile if not kept private.
  • What administrators of the site can see:
    • Aggregate data: De-identified summary of program information.
    • Individual data: Includes participants, photo, name, sync date, steps, distance, floors, and active minutes. MoveSpring does not provide access to GPS location, or sensitive health information such as sleep or weight.