5 Weeks.  2 Goals. 

A New and Improved YOU! 

Get ready to Strive For Five

September 6 – October 10, 2022


Program registration is closed. All tracking will now be done through the MoveSpring app until October 10. 


What is Strive for Five?
Strive for Five is a virtual 5-week program for University of Alabama faculty and staff that uses five simple steps to improve overall health. Choose goals from among the 5 categories (Eat, Sleep, Think, Move, Drink) and track your progress toward those goals. This is a qualifying program for WellBAMA Rewards.

What’s new?
  • Tracking will now be in the MoveSpring app 
  • 5 simplified goal options, 1 for each category
  • Program kickoff was our 5 to Thrive wellness class on 9/7

What’s the same?
  • Register on your wellness portal
  • Form a team in the app or participate on your own
  • Choose at least 2 goals to work toward
  • Track at least 75% (26 days out of 35) to get program credit

There are changes you can make that will greatly improve your health and you can count them on one hand.

  • Strive for Five is a virtual, 5-week program for University of Alabama faculty and staff that uses five simple steps to improve overall health. Individuals or teams can participate in this wellness program and log their achievements through the MoveSpring app.   
  • Check out the Strive For Five Participant Guide to get knowledge and guidance designed to help you reach your goals:
    Eat | Sleep | Think | Move | Drink















Getting started is easy!  ….

Step 1: Register for the Strive For Five program.  Build your dream team of coworkers and friends or participate on your own. 

Step 2: Choose 2 or more goals from the five categories to complete.

Strive For Five Goals




  • Receive weekly emails with tips, information, recipes, resources, motivation and more!

Step 3: Track your goal progress each day in the MoveSpring app throughout the five-week program.  Receive program credit towards your WellBAMA Rewards when you complete at least 75% of your goals (26 out of 35 days).


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a smartphone or can’t get the app to work? Registration is now closed, but if you previously downloaded our Strive for Five tracking spreadsheet, email the completed log to us on October 10 at wellness@ua.edu. 

What if I don’t have a MoveSpring account? Creating one is easy! When you click to join the challenge, you will be able to sign up for an account. Use the organization code UAS and your CWID when prompted. 

How does the tracking work? Tracking is easy – just open the app, tap on the challenge, and swipe to indicate you’ve made progress toward your goal. 

Do I have to meet the entire goal for it to count? Nope. Just like in years past, we just want to know that you’re making steps to achieve your health goal. For instance, if you only get 3 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day instead of 5, you can still swipe because you made progress. 

How do I get program credit? Make sure you track your goal progress for 2 or more goals at least 75% of the time (26 out of 35 days). 

What if I miss a day or a few days?  No problem! MoveSpring allows you to go back and complete activities as long as you’re still within the challenge window. 

What if the challenge has ended but I forgot to track something? You have a 3-day grace period after the challenge ends to make sure your tracking is up-to-date. 

Click here for more details about how to contact MoveSpring support. 

Need a Little Help Along the Way?

Wellness Classes:

If you’re looking to learn more about how you can achieve your Strive For Five goals, or any health-related goals you have, Wellness and Work-Life has resources to help. Attend our wellness classes and webinars to learn more about physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing, diet and exercise, and so much more!  

Learn more and register

Additional Resources

MyPlate: Use MyPlate to build your healthy eating style and maintain it for a lifetime.

MyPlate Graphic: A simple visual tool to help guide you on your path of better nutrition.

Eating More Fruits: Easy ways to increase fruit in your diet.

Eating More Vegetables: Easy ways to increase vegetables in your diet.

Build A Healthy Meal: Ways to create a healthy eating style for each meal.

Choosing Whole-Grain Foods: What to look for to increase your whole-grain foods and fiber.

Making Better Beverage Choices: Ways to increase water intake and reduce sugary drinks in your diet.

Nutrition Guide: A great four-page nutritional resource.