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There are changes you can make that will greatly improve your health and you can count them on one hand. Strive for Five is a free, six-week wellness program designed for University of Alabama faculty and staff. Online registration is now open!

Getting Started is as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Click here to register online now!
  2. Click here for the 2014 Participant GuideUse this guide as a tool to reach the goals you and your team set and track your progress.
  3. Strive for Five mobile tracking app: Use the link: to
  4. enroll, begin tracking your progress and connect with your team. Issues? Try refreshing your browser for the most recent updates.

How does S45 work?

The program includes free information, activities, incentives, educational sessions, check-ins and the support of health and wellness staff to help participants reach their goals. Individuals or teams of two or more can participate in this wellness program and log their achievements with online tracking or paper form.

Strive for Five is a six-week, team-based wellness program that uses five simple steps to improve overall health.

New for 2014: Strive for Five mobile app for tracking progress!  Notes:  The My Team page is still under construction.  Enroll and begin tracking your individual progress today.  Updates on the My Team page will be posted soon!

What is a ‘Check-In’?

Check-in locations are at various locations on campus throughout the 6-week program that offer support and direction while participating in the program. Participants will attend a kick-off, mid-point and final check-in for weekly information, additional tips, resources and photo opportunities. You can attend individually or with your team. Check-in’s are designed to add convenience to your busy schedule, offering accountability and resources in meeting your goals.

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Bootcamp Registration

Bootcamp Registration Form: Sign up for the FREE bootcamp sessions led by University Recreation Personal Trainers.

Additional Resources

Individual Daily Paper Tracker: Keep up with your progress throughout the program.

Plate Planner PDF: A simple visual tool to help guide you on your path of better nutrition.

Nutrition Guide: A great four page nutritional resource.

Strive for Five Promotional Powerpoint: Slides outlining program details for office meetings & emails.

Check-in Poster: Need a poster in your area to promote & encourage those around you? Print this!

Program Promotional Flyer: Not sure what the program is? Use this flyer to get started.

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 We Want to Hear From You!

Without you, our program would not be possible! Please provide us with YOUR success stories and let us know how you and your team did in the Strive for Five program. Send us comments and pictures to add to our website and Facebook.