2019 Crimson Couch to 5K/10K  

April 6, 2019

UREC Outdoor Pool Complex

Register HERE for the 5K/10K event

 January 1-21, 2019 – $10 Registration Fee


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 We’re kicking off this year’s 5-week training program on

February 27th from 11:00 am -1:00 pm at Ferguson Center

(near food court/second floor)

Build your best team with co-workers and join us to celebrate the start of 5 weeks of commitment to change, endurance and perseverance. 

We’ll have training materials, program information and a little incentive prize (while supplies last) for those who attend.

The 5-week training program is a qualifying WellBAMA program towards your WellBAMA rewards.

Get up,  Get Moving!

Form your best team with your co-workers for support and comradery or train as an individual!

  • Click here to start your 5-week online training program.  Online activity tracking begins Monday, March 4, 2019 and is required throughout all 5 weeks of the program to qualify as program completion for WellBAMA Rewards. 

Your 5-weeks away for your best 5K/10K

Click on the links below for a video demonstration of each Dynamic Warm-up exercise:

Low Skips  High Knee  Back Run  Butt Kicks  Grapevine  Side Shuffle  Skip Kicks

Crimson Couch to 5K & 10K Event Information

Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 9:00 am

Choose your distance of 5K or 10K as the course takes you through the university campus.   T-shirts are included with registration. Live DJ, door prizes from a variety of local businesses will be given away, crimson couch photos and a free selfie photo booth.  

How to register for 5K/10K event: 

Event registration is required for all participants (5-week online training program participants’ fee will not be waived for 2019 event).

Registration: Registration is required for everyone.

  • $10 Early Bird Special (January 1-21 | Use Code: CC25K EARLY BIRD)
  • $15 -before April 3rd
  • $20 – On-site

Final Check-in Events/ Packet Pick-up:

Thursday, April 4th | 2:00-4:00 pm | Ferguson Center Courtyard

Friday, April 5th | 11:00 am – 1:00 pm | Ferguson Center Courtyard

Friday, April 5th | 3:00-5:30 pm | UREC Outdoor Pool Complex

Saturday, April 6th(Event Day) | 7:30-9:00 am | UREC Outdoor Pool Complex

2018 CC25K Race Results

Congratulations to the top finishers:

5K Female/Male

1st Place: Ali Iiham / Ion Estridge

2nd Place: Afton Parsons / Temeleton Gabe

3rd Place: Laura Arce /  George Mugoya

10K Female/Male

1st Place: Jade Clark / Roger Meyers

2nd Place: Nicole Powell / William Wolf

3rd Place: Tara Sims / Johnathan Davis

Questions? Contact our office:

Phone: 205.348.0077  |  Email: wellness@ua.edu  

The 2019, 5-week Crimson Couch to 5K/10K training program begins March 4th.  Get your 5-week CC25K Training Guide Here.  

Don’t forget to track your training through your Wellness portal here.

  • Event registration is required for all participants (5-week online training program participants’ fee will not be waived for 2019 event).

*A WellBAMA qualifying program.  Online tracking is required throughout all 5 weeks of the program to qualify as program completion for WellBAMA Rewards. 

Additional Exercise and Training Tools & Resources:

Crimson Couch to 5K/10K FAQ

A Guide to Exercise & Training Stretches

Common Walk/Run Injury Guide & Prevention


Get Motivated with Teams and Individuals from 2018

 Week 7 Team Member:  LaTandra Smith (A & S Superstars)

LaTandra has been with the University of Alabama for the past four years working in Student Services and the College of Arts and Sciences. As a first time CC25K participant, she is excited to experience her first official 5K. LaTandra has been participating in the CC25K 7-week group training program offered at the Recreation center to get her ready for the event. Other than running with the group on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, she has also been running on Saturday’s to feel even more ready. On the days in between running, LaTandra follows yoga DVDs at home, and even pulls up some YouTube videos to change it up a little bit. She says this is a fun way to get her 6-year-old involved. Sunday’s are her recovery day, and they help her get motivated to start the next week. LaTandra has enjoyed the team atmosphere of the group training because she knows other participants are looking for her to be there which keeps her motivated and helps her stay on track.  When she gets to the training she likes to run with one of the trainers, Madison, who is a little faster than her so she can try to push herself to keep up with her. This is only the beginning for LaTandra. She says that her short-term goal is to run this 5K, so she can begin training for longer races, in hopes that one day she can run a full marathon. If she can accomplish this one, a 10K is next on her list! Other than running, LaTandra has always been into fitness and health, and really wants to stay happy and healthy. Luckily she has found that running has become a great stress reliever for her, so she plans to stick with it beyond Saturday’s race. One thing LaTandra likes to eat to fuel her body is apples with peanut butter. 

Week 6 Team:  Dynamic Donuts

Team Members: Amelia Brock and Ashley Cofield

Amelia Brock and Ashley Cofield are first time Crimson Couch to 5K participants, and this is Amelia’s first 5K in general! Ashley has been the Coordinator of Student Involvement here at UA for the past two and a half years, and Amelia also works as a coordinator in the Office of Student Involvement. The two have been best friends since Amelia started in 2016, and they are both very excited for the race!

As a team, the Dynamic Donuts try to attend at least one group fitness class per week at the UREC. Both Ashley and Amelia enjoy the Daze class because they have the chance to learn new dance moves while burning calories. They also encourage each other to do additional workouts on the weeknights when they aren’t training. Ashley initially joined the CC25K program to kick start her journey to living a more healthy lifestyle. She started her “healthy” fitness journey a week before the program start date in order to avoid passing out during the assessment. Now that she has been active for four solid weeks, she is hoping to see results soon. Overall, Ashley wants to increase her endurance, but for now she would love to be able to jog the entire 5K! Amelia also wants to increase her endurance, stating she wants to run longer distances without feeling like she is dying. She hopes to learn some pacing techniques through her training with the UREC trainers, and she states the group fitness sessions provide some positive peer pressure to keep going!

After learning some fancy footwork and burning tons of calories in their Daze classes, Ashley and Amelia both have a favorite healthy snack to eat. And no, it’s not donuts. Ashley enjoys eating apple slices with a spoonful of peanut butter, and Amelia is a big fan of eating cashews or a few peanut butter pretzels.

Week 5 Team: Cheese Club, The Second Helping

Team Members: Miranda Webster (Team Captain), Robyn Hammontree, Jennifer Roth-Burnette, Tracy Barton, Katherine Klose

This isn’t our first CC25K experience. We are all active in WellBAMA programs and events! Several of us participated last year and had more fun than we anticipated! Tracy is a WellBAMA Ambassador, so she’s always encouraging us to be active. This is our department’s third year with a cheese-themed CC25K team.

We all work together in Academic Outreach for the College of Continuing Studies. Robyn, Katherine, and Miranda work as Instructional Designers to design and develop Bama By Distance courses with faculty on campus. Tracy works in promoting and advertising Bama By Distance programs to future students. Jennifer heads the Innovation Team and fashions new ways of allowing students to learn and engage with technology and course materials. We’re all juggling family, friends, pets, and fun! And we all love cheese!

Our main goal is to finish the race before they start taking down the finish line! We all hope that the 7-week training program helps us establish an exercise routine. We have a lot to juggle, so we’re interested in finding a healthy balance between work, family, and friends. And, maybe we can sneak some more cheese in! We encourage each other to stay active during the week by walking, hiking, jogging, taking a Zumba class, and gardening or doing yard work. Four of our team members have dogs that keep them active, too. Our department works with faculty across campus, so we’re always walking to and from offices. We also walk to Starbucks a lot…where there is cheese! We’re hoping to hold a few Cheese Club meetings to motivate each other and strategize for the race.

After a good workout, we all enjoy re-energizing with fresh fruit and protein shakes. Robyn often gets cold after tough workouts, so she likes to warm back up with hot chocolate. And of course, a bit later, perhaps some cheese?

Week 4 Team: Cirque du Sore Legs

Team Members: Ashlie Bowman (Team Captain), Afton Parsons, Mona Hahn, Kristine Steele, Erica Gambrell

Team Captain Ashlie Bowman is participating in her fourth year of CC25K. She has done a few 5Ks and last year was her first year to finish the 10K.  Ashlie is a training specialist in Advancement Services and also a part-time fitness instructor on campus. She teaches a little bit of everything, from kickboxing to strength training to yoga. Fitness is a huge part of her life, both professionally and personally, and she loves helping others reach their goals! Erica Gambrell is also an experienced CC25K participant, stating she has either walked or ran in every CC25K event at UA. This year will be the second for Afton Parsons, and both Kristine Steele and Mona Hahn are competing for the first time.

Erica is the Director of Gift Accounting here at UA. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking in the woods, paddleboarding at Lake Nichol, and camping with her family. Afton is an Accountant in Advancement Services, and Mona has been employed here at UA for the past 25 years. As well, Kristine is a UA employee and current graduate student. She is also the mother of two current UA students.

As the Team Captain, Ashlie tries to encourage her team members to be active, even if it’s just getting up to walk around and stretch during the day. Kristine goes to the gym and strongly encourages other team members to go with her, and it must be working…Mona says Kristine is making her exercise and she may even be LIKING IT! Aside from working out together, all the team members encourage each other to reach their own personal goals. Ashlie hopes to beat her time from last year and wants to improve every year! Afton also wants to run this year’s 5K in less time, and she plans to work towards that goal by weight lifting and taking cardio classes at the gym. Erica plans to move daily and drink more water. Kristine hopes to make exercise her new “habit,” and as a first time participator, Mona wants to cross the finish line!

What kind of healthy snacks do the team members of Cirque du Sore Legs eat on a regular basis or after a good workout? Kristine loves Kalamata Olive Tapenade and sliced cucumber on pita chips. Ashlie likes either roasted almonds or Greek yogurt, depending on whether she is craving something sweet or salty. Afton usually eats oatmeal or a protein shake after her workouts, but she also enjoys fruit, yogurt, or a protein bar for a daily healthy snack. Erica tends to reach for apple slices with almond butter, and Mona loves chocolate yogurt!

Week 3 Team: Director Dan and the Elephant Stompers 

Team Members: Dan  Rodgers (Team Captain), Jessica Morris, Jennifer Patrick, Leigh Ann Huguley

This is Team Captain Dan Rodgers’ first CC25K, and he coerced his entire staff into doing CC25K in an attempt to “substitute group accountability for the self-discipline I sorely lack.” Dan just wants to survive, avoid embarrassment, and ultimately race faster than at least one member of his team. Team Member Leigh Ann Huguley will also be participating for the first time this year. Leigh Ann is a recent empty-nester, and she reports having time to realize how out of shape she is. She hopes to finish the race and gain ample bragging rights for that time she participated in a 5K.

As for Team Member Jessica Morris, she signed up for CC25K last year but didn’t make it past week three. “My goal is not to finish with an awesome time but just to FINISH.” Jessica also plans to fit in as much “wogging” (walk-jog) as possible, stating she more or less shuffles instead of moving super fast. Jessica loves the idea of working out, but she is in a constant battle between getting in shape or eating some good food and reading in her robe. She also has three small kiddos at home which makes it difficult to choose physical activity on those rare occasions she has a few minutes to herself. Team Member Jennifer Patrick has also  participated in previous CC25Ks. Jennifer is a mother with kids active in sports, church and music, and she is currently going to school part-time. Most days it’s difficult to squeeze in some exercise, but Jennifer plans to exercise on a more regular basis and tone her muscles.

As a team, most of them are members at the Aquatic Center, and they plan to work in some exercising together. Jennifer hopes to get some team walks in during lunch time, and she wants everyone to be accountable to each other and encourage one another. Jessica agrees that no one wants to let the team down by not giving their 100%, but they each also have goals of their own to work towards. How does Dan plan to help each other train? “Mutual shaming among all team members.”

When it comes to snacking, each member has their own “go to” snack. Dan typically reaches for something to negate whatever good he did by working out. Jessica usually likes to eat a banana, but she’ll get back to us with some new options once she increases her fitness routine. Jennifer likes fruit or something with protein, and Leigh Ann drinks a whole bottle of water because she doesn’t like eating after a workout.

Week 2 Team: AIME High

Team Members:  Scott Spear (Team Captain), Ying Qin, Rachel Frazier, Larry ‘LC’ Canada, Danny Miller

Team Captain Scott Spear is an AIME Research Engineer, and he loves outdoor activities, especially when they involve BBQ. His team members include Ying Qin, AIME Research Engineer; Rachel Frazier, AIME Assistant Director and new mom; Larry ‘LC’ Canada, AIME Accelerator Assistant Director; and Danny Miller, Systems Administrator. This is LC’s first CC25K, but the rest of the team has participated since inception.

As a team, everyone plans to walk together three times a week to help each other train and reach their personal goals. Ying hopes to lose 5 pounds, and both Scott and Danny hope to lose some weight. Scott wants to lose about 15 pounds, and Danny states that losing 100 pounds would be nice. Rachel’s goal is to finish a 5K, and LC wants to run a 10:30 mile.

Each team member also enjoys a yummy treat after their workout. Ying’s “go to snack” includes a fruit cup and a cold drink. Rachel keeps it simple with Gatorade. LC enjoys a protein/carb drink, Danny reaches for some cold grapes from the fridge, and Scott likes peanuts and cool water.

Week 1 Team: College of Engineering

Members: Liz Moore, Ashley Newsome, Sarah Wever, Kalynn Anderson, and Jamie Burke

Our team is made up of three academic advisors (Kalynn, Ashley and Sarah) and two members of the external affairs and development team (Jamie and Liz).  All five of us are active, but not necessarily runners. 

Team captain Liz Moore has never completed the CC25K, but set a goal to invest in her health back in October, and started going to indoor cycle at the Rec Center.  After a few months, she felt she had built up her endurance enough to start running and was amazed that I could do two miles with little effort which had never happened in her entire life.  Liz says, “It had probably been two years since the last time I had attempted to run”.    She is continuing to go to indoor cycle and has now added three days a week of running to her routine and has been surprised by her progress.  She’s excited to reach a personal goal of completing the 10K in April and is grateful for colleagues who are equally as excited to join in!  “Since we all have such varied and busy schedules, it’s difficult for us to set time aside for all five of us to train together so we’re attempting to hold each other accountable and check in on progress periodically”, Liz added. 

Jamie Burke throws on her tennis shoes and walks the quad during lunch in addition to going to 9Round and is hoping to use this to keep running for a half marathon in November. 

Kalynn Anderson started with an interval plan and hopes to beat her high school 5K time (she ran track in HS). The Crimson Couch to 5K is Ashley Newsome’s first race ever.  Her team captain adds, “Ashley is a collegiate so she’s got the discipline thing down”. Sarah Wever, a WellBAMA  Ambassador,  “who typically smokes everyone in the FitBit challenges”, according to her team mates, will make this year’s CC25K event her fourth.   Liz added,  “I look forward to getting to know my teammates a little better outside the walls of Hardaway Hall through the CC25K Program.”