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If you use tobacco and are interested in quitting, the tobaccoFREE Challenge is designed to help you change your life by providing strategies to help you succeed. Receive Tobacco Free tools, support and group counseling, medication therapy with no co-pay and ongoing Tobacco Free support. Click here for a tip sheet on quitting tobacco use.


Inspiration and Hope:

Cecil Crumpton, Custodial Services
After smoking for over 10 years, Cecil knew that she did not want cigarettes in her life anymore.  She hated the way they tasted and the way it smelled.

She turned to her spiritual faith for help – and low and behold!  She found out about the UA Wellness Quit Tobacco program.  The support she received there, including education and random check-ins over the phone gave her the confidence to go on and achieve her goal.  She has now been smoke-free for almost 4 years and appreciates that she can breathe easier and feels better in general.

Her grandchildren appreciate it too: they are happy her car does not smell like smoke anymore!  She says, “The only thing I miss about smoking is the day I started.”  Cecil truly regrets ever starting to smoke, and encourages others to quit and find that difference in their own lives. | (205) 348-0077