Wellness and Work-Life is dedicated to helping UA employees maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health and safety during the COVID-19 crisis, and our webinars are designed to aid in coping with the recent personal and professional changes caused by coronavirus.  

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Attendees of live sessions do receive wellness class credit, and recordings of the sessions will be posted to this site and our YouTube channel as a resource for others.

Archived Wellness and Work-Life  Webinars:

Mindfulness: Learning to be in the Moment – Dr. Harriet Myers explores the benefit of mindfulness and techniques to begin your mindfulness practice.

Let’s Talk: Getting Your Best Night’s Sleep – Join Dr. Josh Eyer and Dr. Pat Carter in discussing how you can improve the quality and duration of your sleep to wake rested and ready for the day. 

Stress & Relaxation Techniques – Learn specific strategies to develop and support positive coping strategies during stressful times and explore the relationship between your health and stress, with nursing faculty and health coach Abby Horton. 

Cultivating Habit Change – Habit change is foundational to all health and wellness goals. Learn how to cultivate healthy habits and how to “habit stack” for sustainable health and wellness with Abby Horton, MSN, RN, CLC, CHC.

Minority Health Concerns – Addresses unique Minority Health Concerns, in addition to health disparities, access to care, and inclusive health practices. Explore these issues with nursing faculty Abby Horton and guest speaker Dr. Johnny Tice. 

Fitness: Where Do I Begin? – Ready to begin an exercise routine but don’t know how to get started? Get quick tips on starting a fitness routine and sticking with it, with University Recreation’s Whitney Pape. View the presentation.

Caring for Aging Populations/Caring for the Caregiver – Abby Horton, MSN, RN, CLC, CHC, will discuss how to plan, prepare, and care for challenges related to aging. Topics covered include caregiving fatigue, aging-related health concerns, and aging-related stress.

Fitness Mythbusters: Nutrition and Exercise – Get the most of your exercise and nutrition choices! Join UREC’s Charles Burroughs as he discusses common beliefs and misconceptions about the relationship between diet and exercise. View the presentation.

Diabetes: The Sweet Truth – Get the most of your exercise and nutrition choices! Join Abby Horton for this course designed to help those currently living with Diabetes and those at risk for developing Diabetes. Topics covered include Diabetes Type 1, Type 2, prediabetes, and Gestational Diabetes. 

Mental Health Challenges – Explores a brief overview of mental health challenges and provides a toolkit of resources for fostering mental wellness. Topics covered include depression, anxiety, stress and coping, among others.  

Don’t Wait, Hydrate!  – Explore the importance of hydration and the associated health benefits. The class also provides a practical approach to increasing your water intake. 

Road to Resilience: Becoming Your Best Self – Abby Horton discusses the importance of resilience, offers a deep dive into what cultivates resilience, and provides a toolkit of resources for fostering personal resilience. A brief workshop is included so that participants can walk away with a resilience care plan in process. 

Your Health After 40 – Abby Horton discusses how to maintain your health after age 40. Topics covered include recommended medical visits, testing, vaccinations, tailored nutrition, and exercise for those 40 years and older. All ages are welcome! It is never to early to plan for continued health.

Alleviating Everyday Aches and Pains – Abby Horton introduces common causes for everyday aches and pains, along with simple solutions for promoting pain-free living.


Your Cardiovascular Health – Abby Horton discusses how to care for your heart, brain, and circulatory system for overall improved health and well-being.


Creating Rhythms and Routines for Home and Family
Coping with a Crisis: Your Mental Wellbeing

Working From Home: Helpful Tips and Strategies


Let’s Talk Series with Dr. Josh Eyer, Ph.D.

Let’s Talk: Building Better Relationships at Work and at Home – Dr. Karly Downs and Dr. Josh Eyer discuss strategies to deescalate conflict or miscommunication and how to be a better speaker and listener in a relationship.

Let’s Talk: What does it mean to be a consistent parent?- Dr. Robert Laird, Professor and Chair, Department of Human Development & Human Studies, and Dr. Josh Eyer, Ph.D., discuss vigilant parenting and becoming more aware and present as a parent.


Let’s Talk: Bouncing Back from Quarantine – After so long spent in quarantine, social distancing and working from home has become the norm for many of us. But how can we bounce back in ways that are physically and emotionally safe once businesses and schools reopen? Learn how with Dr. Josh Eyer.


Let’s Talk: Coping Skills for Cabin Fever – After weeks of quarantine and social distancing, it’s hard not to go a little stir crazy. Learn some techniques to keep you from catching cabin fever with Dr. Josh Eyer and Abby Horton, MSN, RN, CHC, CLC, CCN faculty, and certified life coach.

Additional Resources for Coping Skills for Cabin Fever

Let’s Talk: Coping as a Family in Close Quarters – Sheltering in place and trying to keep the whole family happy can be a challenge. Join Dr. Josh Eyer and Dr. Robert Laird, Professor and Chair, Department of Human Development & Human Studies, to learn how to navigate family dynamics in difficult times. 


Additional Resources for Coping as a Family in Close Quarters

Let’s Talk: Sleeping through a Crisis – Anxiety, stress, and interruptions in routine can make sleep difficult. Learn how to get a good night’s sleep even in a crisis with health psychologist Dr. Josh Eyer and Pat Carter, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs at CCN, professor, and sleep expert.


Additional Resources for Sleeping Through A Crisis

Let’s Talk: Emotional Expression and Technology – Dr. Eyer is joined by Dr. Karly Downs, Asst. Professor and Clinical Director of Marriage & Family Therapy Program and Meagan Bennett, OIT Director of Customer Relations, to discuss interacting through media and technology.

Additional Resources for Emotional Expression and Technology

Let’s Talk: Meditation as a Coping Tool – The benefits of meditation when experiencing life challenges and practices you can incorporate throughout your day. Dr. Eyer will be joined by Rob Alley, a musician, instructor at UA Honors College, and a longtime practitioner of meditation.


Additional Resources for Meditation

Let’s Talk: Coping at Home – Staying active and eating healthy while staying at home.  Dr. Eyer will be joined by Dr. Jonathan Wingo, Associate Professor in Kinesiology and Suzanne Henson, Registered Dietitian at University Medical Center. 


Additional Resources for Coping at Home

Let’s Talk: Safety for Essential Employees – Emotional coping techniques for dealing with personal, professional, or even national crises. Angela Hammond, a nurse practitioner at University Medical Center, Faculty/Staff Clinic to discuss safety measures you can take if you or a loved one is still working outside the home. 


Additional Resources for Essential Employee Safety

Let’s Talk: Coping with a Crisis – Join Dr. Josh Eyer, health psychologist and assistant professor in the Capstone College of Nursing, and Dr. Rebecca Allen, a professor with Alabama Research Institute on Aging, to discuss practical steps for responding effectively to the coronavirus crisis, using the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). 

Additional Resources for Coping with a Crisis

Staying Active 

What’s Functional Movement, Anyway? – Whitney Pape, Manager of Fitness Services at University Recreation, discusses preventing injuries and reducing aches and pains by learning how to move more efficiently and properly.

Tips for Participating in Outdoor Recreation in the Greater Tuscaloosa Area –Malia Duggan, Coordinator for Outdoor Recreation, offers tips and tricks to get outside during quarantine. We’ll talk about what to bring for spending time outside, Leave No Trace Ethics, and suggest parks and trails in Tuscaloosa and the Greater Tuscaloosa Area and how you can recreate there! We’ll also include resources to help you research and plan for your own trip! 


Additional Resources for Outdoor Recreation

Fitness Myth Busters with Charles Burroughs – With all the fad diets, workout trends, and online videos, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to exercise. Join University Recreation Fitness Services Program Coordinator and certified personal trainer Charles Burroughs to bust some common fitness myths.  (There were  technical difficulties in making the PowerPoint presentation visible during the webinar, so we have included the PowerPoint presentation, here)


Get Moving at Home – University Recreation Fitness Services Manager Whitney Pape will discuss methods of staying physically active at home and why it’s important for our health.