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November 4-24, 2019

 Sleep More, Stress Less is a free program geared toward faculty and staff at UA who are interested in improving their health through sleep improvements and stress reduction. This 3-week program, November 4-24, focuses on decreasing emotional stress and improving the quality/quantity of sleep.

You will receive a helpful participant guide at the orientation session as well as weekly emails to help you reach your goal of sleeping more and stressing less.

Program requirements:

1.  Register using the form above and attend an orientation session on November 4th or 5th.  The orientation session will cover concepts of stress and sleep and how they  are linked.  Participants will receive a program guide and sleep and stress tracking booklet at the orientation session. 

2.  View two pre-recorded sessions on sleep and stress and take the short quiz:

Relaxation Techniques – Dr. Leslie Cole, DNP, RN

Don’t Stress Your Sleep – Dr. Josh Eyer, PhD

You must view the recordings and take the quiz for each session by November 24th to receive program credit towards your 2019 WellBAMA Rewards.

3.  Keep a daily sleep and stress diary during the 3-week period (November 4 – 24).

4.  Complete the final program survey at the end of the 3-week period by November 29th.