Walking Workstations


What they are

Walking workstations (or treadmill desks) are specifically designed for walking, with a slow speed ranges of 0.5 mph to 2 mph. Aside from the obvious benefit of promoting a healthier workplace, walking workstations offer a multitude of benefits for the individual, as well as mentally and physically.

There are an infinite number of brands and styles for the walking workstations, but before your purchase make sure to contact Environmental Health and Safety about specific UA regulations and requirements.

Benefits of walking workstations:

Treadmill desks reduce the number of hours you spend sitting at your desk. With the average American now spending 9.3 hours sitting the incidence of metabolic syndrome (diabetes), certain cancers and other health problems continues to increase each year. Walking workstations should not replace daily exercise.

Benefits include:

  • Boost productivity
  • Combats the ‘sitting disease’
  • Healthier heart
  • Improve focus
  • Reduce back pain


Who to contact if you would like a treadmill, walking workstation on campus:

  1. Environmental Health & Safety must be contacted prior to purchase of machine.
    1. Christy Herron or Marty Summers can be contacted in EHS.
  2. Furnishing & Design Department must be contacted prior to purchase of machine to assess and approve workspace.
  3. UA Facilities Electrical Department must be contacted prior to purchase of machine to review current electrical space and provide estimate/installation of a new electrical outlet if required.
  4. Must be approved (with written approval) by: Supervisor and  Dean or department head
  5. Purchasing: Supervisor must send email of approvals (on behalf of themselves, as well as copy of written approval from Dean or department head) to Amy Chambley (achambley@fa.ua.edu) approving purchase of walking workstation and quote of purchase.
  6. Must be purchased from (UA approved vendor): Steelcase


On campus

Cathy Pagani
College of Arts and Science
Dr. Melondie Carter
Capstone College of Nursing