Resources to help you achieve a healthier life 

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Tips Sheets

Free resources available focusing on nutrition, exercise, personal health, and overall well-being.

Walking Station

Steps to follow for a work-site walking station.

Walking Routes

Campus walking routes offering a variety of distances and routes to encourage physical activity.

Tobacco Free

Ready to Quit?  We’re here to help.  UA became a tobacco free campus in January 2015.  There are many resources available for those ready to become smoke free.

Employee Assistance

The University of Alabama has contracted with American Behavioral Health to provide professionally trained counselors to give options and resources for coping more effectively with a variety of life challenges.  Your Employee Assistance Program provides one-on-one confidential support and training. American Behavioral is a full-service behavioral health care organization with a nationwide network of licensed and credentialed providers in 38 specialties. Eligible employees and dependents residing in Tuscaloosa, outside of Tuscaloosa and even out-of-state will have expanded access to highly-qualified EAP counselors. 






The clinic is located at the McMillan Building off Hackberry Lane, building #1401. The Psychology Clinic is a non-profit, multi-service center supported by the Department of Psychology and The University of Alabama. Confidential and individualized services with a sensitivity to issues of diversity are provided for people of all ages, from preschool through late adulthood. See listing of services proved at the clinic. Call 348-5000 for an intake interview.

Tobacco Control:

General Health Resources:

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