Dr. Judy Bonner


A Message from the President
Dear Faculty and Staff:

As we all know, it can be challenging to balance the many aspects of daily living. As a member of our campus community, I want all our faculty and staff to be able to work in an environment that promotes and enhances a culture of health and wellness.

To support the goal of healthy, well-balanced employees, I am pleased to announce that we have created the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness at The University of Alabama. This office provides resources that can help you improve your quality of life by adopting healthier lifestyle behaviors. Programs focus on six key areas of health improvement and maintenance: Team Based Wellness; Food and Nutrition; Fitness and Recreation; Life Balance; Well University Classes; and integrated Health Services.

Our signature wellness program is WellBAMA an employee health screening, preventive exam and health (counseling) coaching program that assists employees with the identification and understanding of key factors relating to a healthy lifestyle, such as risk factors related to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and much more. After the initial laboratory and diagnostic screening, each employee has the opportunity to complete a personalized physical examination with a nurse practitioner or a physician, along with a health coaching session with a member of the wellness team.

I encourage you to actively participate in the programs and initiatives offered by the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness. I hope you will use this office to learn about the wealth of resources that exist for you here at the University.

Judy Bonner, PhD