Congratulations AGAIN to Facilities & Grounds for being the top stepping team in the September Keep the Quad in Motion challenge.  

Rank Team Name Total Score Average Daily Steps
1 UA Facilities / Grounds 85,380 17,076
2 UA Athletics 72,337 14,467
3 UA Libraries 65,622 13,124
4 UA Advancement 61,945 12,389
5 System Office 59,383 11,877


Congratulations to Jessica Anderson who had the greatest increase in activity between challenges!

The top team and the top 15 participants with the greatest percent change in activity from the last challenge will be invited to our End of the Year Fitbit Celebration in December.

Participant Team % Change
Jessica Anderson Strategic Comm 617%
Fernando Burroughs Athletics 464%
Russ Speed Facilities & Grounds 310%
Elsie Smith Financial Affairs 294%
Shaniece Knox Facilities & Grounds 253%
Jennifer Smith Advancement 243%
Brittany Lovette Law School 218%
Tyrone Johnson Facilities & Grounds 205%
Melinda Fields Arts and Sciences 197%
LeAndrew Jones Facilities & Grounds 187%
Edward Guy CCS 154%
Adrienne Hall Academic Affairs 154%
Cassander Smith Arts and Sciences 144%
Carol Donovan Education 129%
Ashlie Bowman Advancement 128%

In addition to recognizing top steppers,  challenge participants with an average of at least 10,000 steps per day for the duration of the challenge will be randomly selected to win a wellness swag bag containing a $50 gift card. 

Congratulations to the September swag bag winners.  You may pick up your swag bag at our new location : Employee Resource Center, 1515 Flint River Drive 

Julia Brown

Stacy Hall

Shaniece Knox

Jessica Maguire

Rebecca Skipper

Nesha Smith

Gary Spurrier

Cynthia Thompson

Justin Warren

Olivia Wilkes

Click here for past challenge team winners and top steppers



Ready to buy? Visit the online storefront and purchase your devices here. 

Details on how to purchase your devices.

If you don’t have a Fitbit device but want to participate in step challenges, you can use your mobile phone as your device. Under “set up a device” in your Fitbit app settings, select “Mobile Track”. 

Ready to Join the UA System Fitbit Program?

Join the UA System Fitbit Program



All UA employees will have the opportunity to purchase Fitbit devices at reduced rates and to participate in campus-wide wellness challenges!

This is a System-wide initiative, so you will be able to challenge individuals at UAB, UAH and the UA System Office.

  • Friends and family may not purchase devices. Only full-time and benefit eligible employees.
  • Each full-time, benefit eligible employee will receive an email from UA Wellness with an access code allowing them to buy devices at that time.
  • Employees may purchase an unlimited number of devices at a discounted rate from the online storefront.
  • You will not be reimbursed for Fitbit purchases made outside of the UA System Fitbit Program online storefront. Discounts will only be available through this storefront.

UA System Fitbit Program Discounted Pricing


What if I already have a Fitbit Device?

Great! If you do not purchase a device but would like to use your current Fitbit device in the wellness challenges, join the program by completing the form above.

How will the Wellness Challenges Work?

You will be prompted to join the ‘UA System Fitbit Program’ when you set up your device online and all your activity will sync automatically with the UA Wellness program.

Ongoing Fitbit wellness programs will count as Qualifying WellBAMA Rewards programs once completed with an average of 10,000 steps per day over the course of the challenge.


What Information will be shared if I sync my Fitbit to the UA System Fitbit Program?

When you consent to the program only your exercise activity will be shared. All personal information (height, weight, GPS location) will not be shared with UA System from Fitbit. That information is confidential within your Fitbit consent.

  • Some of the dashboard features and individual group leaderboards are designed to let participants connect with coworkers and compare Fitbit data with each other. This data includes a participant’s name, avatar, steps, active minutes, last sync date, as well as a link to the participant’s public Fitbit profile.
  • What administrators of the site can see:
    • Aggregate data: De-identified summary of program information.
    • Individual data: Includes participants, photo, name, sync date, steps, distance, floors, and active minutes. Fitbit does not provide access to GPS location, or sensitive health information such as sleep or weight.

Resale Policies and State Ethics Guidelines:

Any University of Alabama employees purchasing Fitbit products through the UA System Fitbit Program are “public employees” subject to the Alabama ethics laws. As such, employees may not resell any Fitbit products purchase through the UA System Fitbit Program for a profit.  Any such sale would be considered using your public position for personal gain, and would be a violation of the Ethics Act. Campus officials will investigate any reports of employees reselling such products for more than they paid for them.  Any employee found to have profited from such sale is subject to being banned from program participation, to workplace discipline, and to being reported to the State Ethics Commission, which can levy criminal charges.