Crimson Couch to 5K/10K

 Crimson Couch to 5K/10K 9-week Program Information



Crimson Couch to 5K & 10K Event Information

The Crimson Couch to 5K/10K event is scheduled for fall 2015.

Event: 2014 Route Map

How  to  Enter: Complete the Crimson Couch to 5K Event Registration Form and submit to:

The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness
501 University Blvd
321 Russell Hall
Campus Box: 870367
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Registration: Registration is required for everyone.

Parking: Parking is available in the lot on Campus Drive East across from the Outdoor Pool Complex.

Additional Materials

Success Story: The Misfits 1, 2 & 3

Shonna Evans, Custodial Services, has been invaluable in Crimson Couch to 5K program recruitment. “I do it because I had so much fun last year,” Shonna said.

When asked why she was inspired to recruit three CC25K teams (The Misfits 1, 2 & 3) of 11 participants, nine of whom are new to the programShonna said, “Employees should really take advantage of the wellness programs the University offers. Programs like WellBAMA can save your life or point out risk factors you may not otherwise be aware of. I want my teammates to experience how much fun walking/running a 5K can be!”

CC25K 2014 success story(Pictured: The Misfits CC25K team members)

Crimson Couch to 5K Promotional Video

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2013 Program Details:

 2013 CC25K Kickoff Video
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