Gratitude, the giving of thanks.

Gratitude can teach us to appreciate all the moments of our lives and to become more resilient during challenging times. We can learn to move through the world with greater respect and compassion for ourselves and others.

Personal reflection can create physiological changes such as decreasing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and improving immunity. By living gratefully, we can embrace life and become more fully engaged in the present.  We can make a shift from being worried and sad to feeling a greater calm and ease.



Your 30 Days of Gratitude discovery begins here

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We have created a 30 day calendar with an assortment of activities and tips to help you on your journey. We begin the 30 days with the simple practice of writing down one or more things you are grateful for.


Over the next 30 days, we hope you begin to notice and feel the positive impact of gratitude. 

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