Keep Calm and Be Well

Have an active role in your health this fall and take advantage of the wonderful resources and programs listed below that are offered by the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness and available on campus.

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12 Days of Wellness & Rewards

Download the 12 Days of Wellness Activity Calendar
12 Days of Wellness Daily Tips:
Day 1:  MOVE  your body every day to melt stress and improve your mood.
Day 2:  Before parties, NOURISH yourself with a healthy snack and a glass of water.
Day 3:  To find BALANCE, simplify your family’s schedule and spend more time together.
Day 4: Play it SAFE outdoors.  Be mindful of traffic, ice, and water.
Day 5:  Learn to say “no” so you can spend TIME on things that truly matter.
Day 6:  Cultivate creativity by exploring new things that help you grow INTELLECTUALLY.
Day 7:  Share holiday spirit; reach out and Connect with the people around you
Day 8:  If you want to be HAPPY, think and act happy.
Day 9:  Small CHANGES lead to big results when your goal is better health
Day 10:  To CONTROL holiday spending, create budgets and give gifts from the heart.
Day 11:  The greatest gift of all is to give back to your COMMUNITY.
Day 12:  As you shop, wrap and entertain, what can you do to reduce, reuse and RENEW?
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Join us for the 12 Days of Wellness!

Kick-off event on Friday, November 30 in Russell Hall, from 11am-1pm

Click on the calendar to access each event’s online website